Participate in Chainflix Service Satisfaction Survey and Get CFX!

Dear Chainflix member.

We would like to conduct a survey to provide better service by collecting the opinions from the Chainflix members.
Chainflix sends the survey information to the email to the Chainflix members who have completed e-mail verification, so please check the mailbox.

Time : May 02, 2022 ~ May 31, 2022 23:59

Reward : 10CFX per survey
(each member can do many surveys)

Reward period
Payment within June 07, 2022

The opinions from the members will be used as data to improve Chainflix’s functions and service quality to bring better service to the members in the future, so please support Chainflix by participating in the survey.
Chainflix will strive to provide better service.

Best Regards,
Chainflix team.




Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform

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Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform

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