Signing MOU between Blockchain-based video platform ‘Chainflix’ with Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation — GCCEI.

A commemorative photo between CEO Oh Jeong-Seok (left) and “GCCEI” director Shin Hyun-Sam after signing a business agreement on Nov 12th.

CEO Jampick and “GCCEI” director

Jampick is the company that is developing the blockchain-based video platform ‘Chainflix’, has signed an MOU with Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation.

Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation is the organization that has the incubation center in Pangyo Startup Zone (1) to discover potential startups with IT-based technologies such as ICT platform/service, AI/big data, and cloud/blockchain through the Global Startup Challenge · Local Acceleration program. Besides that, this is an organization with the most branches in Korea that supports tangible results such as attracting investment and securing sales channels through expanding the market.

Through this MOU, along with creators who are active on the ‘Chainflix’ platform, Jampick will conduct content development, marketing support, and commerce business for domestic and overseas promotion for companies under the GCCEI.

‘Chainflix’ is a global sharing video platform. We have active members from 150 countries around the world. When the official version was applied from the beta version in August 2021, new channels were opened and the number of video content and users increased rapidly. Recently, over 70 multi-channel network (MCN) member companies such as CJ ENM, Sandbox Network, and Treasure Hunter have entered into business agreements with media organizations such as the Korea MCN Association to provide a wide range of content services in various genres. Each provider can be rewarded according to their platform contribution and role. As a result, new creators and members are continuously increasing.

Chainflix and the GCCEI decided to continue cooperation projects such as establishing an activation model while strengthening communication, exchange, and matching programs with various companies about startup technologies and solutions through GCCEI.