Signing MOU between Blockchain-based video platform ‘Chainflix’ with Global Journalist Club for strengthening the international media

[Photo provided by Jampick Co.,] CEO Oh Jeong-Seok (right) and Global Journalist Club Chairman Kim Jae-Soo signed a cooperation agreement for diversifying media models.

Jampick, the holding company of the Blockchain-based video streaming platform — Chainflix, announced that, on December 1st, they signed a memorandum of understanding with the Global Journalist Club on cooperation and diversifying the global media PR model for the overseas Korean community and the international community.

Global Journalist Club is an organization with 1,600 members, established for the purpose of promoting culture, improving the quality of speech, protecting the rights and interests of journalists. Global Journalist Club hopes to promote mutual development between both sides. By strengthening connections with international Journalists, GJC will help Chainflix grow faster.

Chainflix is a distributed storage-based video streaming platform. Last August 2021, after officially launching the beta version, the number of members including content creators, viewers and archives has increased rapidly. With the motto of taking users as the center of the system — user-centric, Chainlfix platform pay fair rewards to all users fairly, we are providing services to more than 154 countries and we are also cooperating with many traditional companies’ entertainment media and MCN association…

Mr. Kim Jae-Soo, President of the Global Journalist Club, said, “We are delighted to be collaborating to the Chainflix platform. We will actively promote to the Korean community abroad and to the international community as a way to promote the people’s right to know, the friendship between journalists, and the development of a culture of speech.

Mr. Oh Jeong-seok, CEO of Jampick, said, “Through Global Journalist Club with thousands of active members, Chainflix will be promoted to the various regions inside domestic and abroad. Chainflix will develop and update new features to create a friendly platform. Chainflix hopes to get more users in the world”.

Through this agreement, Chainflix and GJC hope to bring Chainflix platform to many countries and regions around the world.

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