MOU between Chainflix and Korea MCN Association

Chainflix, a P2P blockchain distributed storage-based video platform, has signed an MOU with KMCNA (Korea Multi-Channel Network Association).

CEO Jampick and Vice President of the Korea MCN Association

On October 14, 2021, CEO Jeong-Seok Oh of Jampick (the parent company of the Chainflix platform) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Vice President of the Korea MCN Association.

Chainflix is ​​a Blockchain-based video streaming platform. Today, Chainflix has members from more than 150 countries. Since the launch of the official version on August 5, 2021, after only two months, the number of Chainflix participants has been overgrowing (including viewers and content creators).

The Korea MCN Association has more than 70 multi-channel network (MCN) operators such as CJ ENM, Sandbox Network, Treasure Hunter, etc. It is an established non-profit organization developing various projects to support its member companies and promote the MCN industry.

The content of the memorandum of understanding mentions that Chainflix and the MCN Association will support each other in developing a profitable business model.

The Korea MCN Association will help Chainflix have more content creation partners who are members of the association.

Mr. Yong-Woo Jung, Vice President of Korea MCN Association, said, “We very much hope that many of our member companies and creators receive stable profits through Chainflix’s platform. , using Chainflix as a stepping stone to go global.”
Mr. Oh Jeong-seok said, “Through the agreement in this memorandum of understanding, we hope that the creators of the member companies of the Korea MCN Association will have a solid foundation for the development both of Korea and abroad.”