MOU between Blockchain-based video platform ‘Chainflix’ with Sinsung K&C., JSC.

[Photo provided by Jampick Co., Ltd.] On November 26, CEO Oh Jeong-Seok (left) and Sinsung K&C., JSC Vice President Yoo Ho-Sik signed a marketing cooperation agreement for ‘Singsing Jarasum Ice Festival’ and establish bilateral cooperation.

On November 26, Jampick, the holding company of the blockchain-based video sharing platform ‘Chainflix’, signed a memorandum of understanding with Sinsung K&C., JSC on cooperation in marketing and advertising of smart utility systems for visitors to the Singsing Jarasum Gapyeong Ice Festival.

Sinsung K&C., JSC is currently a leader in new business, blending technology and culture, key business areas such as consulting in the field of power plants and renewable energy, research and production of systems closing system, artificial intelligence robot, motion monitoring system.

Chainflix is a distributed storage-based video streaming platform. Last August 2021, after officially launching the beta version, the number of members including content creators, viewers, and archives has increased rapidly. With the motto of taking users as the center of the system — user-centric, Chainlfix platform pay fair rewards to all users fairly, we are providing services to more than 154 countries and we are also cooperating with many traditional companies entertainment media and MCN association…

Through this agreement, the Chainflix platform is expected to provide variety contents and promotional videos to guests of the Singsing Jarasum Gapyeong Ice Festival. Sinsung K&C., JSC also decided to cooperate strategically to build a bilateral cooperation model such as providing special benefits to visitors through Chainflix’s services.

Mr. Yoo Ho-Sik, Vice President of Sinsung K&C., JSC, said, “Through strategic marketing partnership with Chainflix, and combine with local governments to promote the Singsing Jarasum Ice Festival in Gapyeong has become a national festival. Next year we will establish an online customer public relations management system, which is a premise for global expansion.”

Mr. Oh Jeong-seok, CEO of Jampick, said, “Through this partnership agreement, we plan to promote Singsing Jarasum Ice Festival on the Chainflix platform which has members across 154 countries. We want to promote the Festival not only for the domestic market but also global expansion, making the Ice Festival become the leading winter festival in Korea.”

In addition, the two sides decided to promote the bilateral cooperation model by promoting communication on the Chainflix platform. Chainflix will help to develop a utility system for visitors, and striving to bring Singsing Jarasum Ice Festival to become a large-scale festival with 1 million visitors after only 3 times being organized.

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