MOU agreement signed between Chainflix and Anyman about expanding the use of CFXT

Jampick (holding company of Chainflix) CEO: Mr. Jeong-seok Oh — (right) and ASN CEO: Mr. Chu-Hwang Yoon (left) after signing an MOU for helping each other to develop high tech service for customers. (Photo provided by Jampick)

As we know, CFXT is a token of Chainflix which is a blockchain-based video sharing platform. And the CFXT token will be used in the “Anyman” app that people can request or ask anything.

Jampick announced that they had signed an MOU between ‘Chainflix’ and ‘Animan’ at the ASN headquarters located in Digital-ro, Guro-gu, at 15:00 on February 23rd. Chainflix and Animan will help each other to develop high-end technology to bring the best experience services to customers.

With this agreement, the CFXT of the blockchain-based Chainflix platform will be integrated and applied into the “real-time request app” Anyman. This helps users who are using Anyman services can do the payments simply and faster. In the future, the CFXT from ‘Chainflix’ will be able to be used in the paid service function of the ‘Animan’ app.

‘Chainflix’ is a blockchain-based video streaming/sharing platform. In particular, Chainflix researched and developed optimal algorithms successfully for distributed storage technology of Web 3.0.
Users can monetize easily and simply by watching video content, uploading, sharing storage, and participating in the community. Then they can get CFXT tokens.
Currently, Chainflix is a service that is presented in 169 countries around the world, with a growing number of users.

Annie Man is an app where users or customers can send any requests in real-time, such as running errands, and helpers can select the kind of task or select the place where they can do it. After completing the task from customers they can get profits.

Mr Jeong-seok Oh , CEO of Jampick corp, said: “I am happy that CFXT can be used meaningfully through the matching platform ‘Anyman’ that provides help to the social community. We plan to expand the use of CFXT, and create more ecosystems where ‘Chainflix’ users can use the rewards they receive”.
ASN CEO: Mr. Chu-hwang Yoon said, “I feel happy when I can connect human-to-human and make the value to the social. After the MOU agreement, Chainflix and Anyman will bring more convenient services to the human”.

Both companies plan to further improve living convenience services based on next-generation technologies such as AI-based software and applications, e-commerce, and Blockchain that each owns. And we hope we continue to cooperate in various fields in the mid-to-long term.




Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform

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Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform

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