[KLAY Event] Getting Big Rewards for Chainflix Users (The event has closed)

Dear Chainflix members.

Thank you to all Chainflix members who are always interested in and use Chainflix, we have prepared a special event where you can receive up to 4KLAY. Please see below for more event details.

● Event details
— Participants: All Chainflix members
— Event Period: From 17:00 pm November 18, 2021 (Thursday) to exhausted (Payment on first come, first served) (based on Korean Standard Time)
— How to participate in the event: You can receive rewards by completing the event missions below.
1) Mission 1: If you create a new personal wallet within the period, 2KLAY will be paid.
2) Mission 2: You must subscribe over 5 channel after opening a wallet for receiving 1KLAY.
3) Mission 3: If you like over 10 video likes after opening a wallet, you can get 1KLAY.
- Payment method: Automatic payment on a first-come, first-served basis per account upon completion of each mission within the period.

● How to check the reward results
Please log in to Chainflix > “Wallet” > “Personal Wallet” to check the details of the KLAY deposited.

※ Event notice:
— All events will be automatically participated without application, and when the mission is accomplished, KLAY is deposited into the personal wallet in Chainflix without any notification.
— In the case of Mission 1, only members who have created new personal wallets within Chainflix will participate. (If you bring your own wallet, you’ll be excluded from the event).
— For missions 2 and 3, all members with personal wallets can participate in the event. (Including both old and new ones)
— In the case of missions 2 and 3, only activities after the personal wallet is created are recognized. (Activities before the creation of a personal wallet are not included in the mission)
— Event KLAY will be paid sequentially according to the creation of personal wallets and confirmation after each mission is achieved.
— This event will end when the budget is exhausted.
— Coin will not be paid if fraud is confirmed, and the account may be sanctioned.

※ If the chainflix Android application is delayed, the event schedule may be adjusted.

Thank you so much.

Best regards

Chainflix Team

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