Introducing the Chainflix Platform: Revolutionizing the Video Sharing Industry

Chainflix, the revolutionary video streaming platform

Chainflix is revolutionizing the video sharing industry with proprietary, innovative technologies. By implementing blockchain and artificial intelligence, Chainflix resolves the issues that traditional video sharing platforms are struggling rewarding users, distributing revenue, and reducing operational costs.

Limited Participation Rewards

There are different participants to the streaming platform: viewers, advertisers, content creators. However, platforms only benefit creators with advertisement revenue. Viewers receive zero rewards and advertisers struggle with inefficient advertisement campaigns. Despite the struggles and disparity, there has been no platform that resolves these limited contribution benefits.

Astronomical Operational Costs

Most of the media sharing platforms rely on a centralized content delivery network (CDN). Simply explained, when users upload content to a platform, all files are stored on a set of centralized servers managed by the platform provider. With videos, the file sizes are huge, and the operational costs are correlated to the number of users on the platform.

Lopsided Revenue Model

For any content sharing platform, users’ content is key for the platform’s success. However, advertisement revenue is focused on benefiting the platform. There is also no method for advertisers to directly interact with content producers that can increase the marketing effects of the advertisement campaign.

Video Play-back Based Mining

Based on our proprietary, patented mining-embedded video player, users can simply watch videos and mine CFX coins. Users will not need any special plugin or hardware to mine CFX. Simply click play and start mining coins. There is no mining reward specific to a certain video. Chainflix coins are mined based on the block rewards. When a certain video mines the CFX by solving the nonce value (similar algorithm to Bitcoin Mining) all participants of the video are rewarded depending on the mining allocation the content creator establishes.

Distributed Storage System

Chainflix platform’s key innovation is the AI-based distributed storage system. Instead of relying on a centralized CDN (Content Delivery Network), Chainflix allows for any individual to contribute their storage to a distributed storage pool. The AI controller will automatically distribute the files to the different storages of the storage pool depending on the file size and traffic of the video. From the users’ perspective, videos are streamed real time from the individual storages instead from the centralized CDN. Storage providers are also able to receive mining rewards when their storage is selected for the live streaming. By virtually allowing any participant to contribute their spare storage space, Chainflix can significantly reduce the operational costs while rewarding users for their contribution to the ecosystem.

Blockchain-based Compensations

Chainflix utilizes a hybrid platform architecture of having both on-chain and off-chain transactions. While almost every transaction (mining reward, compensation, payments) are on-chain, features such as comments and likes are recorded off-chain to ensure speed. Chainflix focuses on implementing blockchain technology only where it is needed. As a cryptocurrency-driven platform, all compensations on the platform is on blockchain including advertisement campaigns. Chainflix as a platform provider only takes a limited percentage from advertisements and transactions.

Chainflix is a revolutionary P2P video sharing platform. It is the next generation YouTube that utilizes blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to establish a user-centric ecosystem. By innovating the traditional platform architecture of video streaming platforms, Chainflix resolves all the key issues within the video streaming industry. By providing a seamless user experience, Chainflix also breaks the barrier of entry for blockchain-powered services. Users can use Chainflix without knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Chainflix has been in development for the past three years and is providing a beta service live. (Click here to try out)

What is CFXT & CFX?

Chainflix (CFX) is a native utility coin that powers the Chainflix platform. CFX coin is minable through video play-back based mining technology. Users can mine CFX via watching videos on the application without any plugin or hardware. Chainflix Token (CFXT) is a pre-mined CFX that is based on the ERC20 token standard which is tradable on exchanges. Users can later use CFX to donate to the users, purchase items, participate in decentralized governance, and more.

CFXT Allocation

The total supply of CFXT is 20% of the total supply of CFX (5,000,000,000) Soon, we will allow for community members to purchase the CFXT prior to our listing scheduled in Q4 of 2020.

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