[Information] Enhance security code, and wallet security

2 min readApr 15, 2022

Dear Chainflix members.

We would sincerely like to thank all who use Chainflix service.

Recently, we have updated the features to ensure the safety of users’ wallets information. We hope with these updates, users’ wallets will be safer and more secure in the future.

■ Enhance security code for wallet.

Unlike the existing security codes that consist only of numbers, you can set up a security code that is more secure with 8 to 20 characters and a

combination of numbers, letters or special characters.

Therefore, please reset the existing security code and change it as shown below.

(Old security code) Only allows 6-numbers digit security

(New security code) Users can set up a new security code from 8 to 20 characters and a combination of numbers, letters or special characters


If you forget the security code, you will not be able to access your wallet. Please save it in a safe place.

■ Personal wallet address reissue.

Only members who have personal wallets on Chainflix will be issued new personal wallets with enhanced security. Even if you reissue your personal wallet, your coin is still kept safety.

After a new personal wallet is issued, the previously used personal wallet address and private key can no longer be used. After reissuing the new wallet, be sure to save the personal wallet address and private key again.

※ Chainflix does not store and save users’ private keys and please keep it in a safe place. Therefore, we ask you to be very careful and does not leak your valuable personal information to others.

■ login function improvement.

- Android : Users can use the social network account to login on the Chainflix platform.

- iPhone (Ios) : Users must update to the latest version on AppStore before using the Chainflix app

※ iOS link

Thank you so much.

Best regards

Chainflix team