Do you want to become one of the Reputable channels in ChainFlix

Currently, ChainFlix is trying to become 1st Blockchain-based Video sharing platform. We desperately need the support of everyone, from our viewers, content creators, and infrastructure suppliers. That’s why ChainFlix shares all profits with everyone.

Although officially running for two months, ChainFlix currently has many valuable partners created channels on ChainFlix’s platform such as News — MTN (, News - HiBlocks ( ), Fashion Company — Seoul Show Room —

Besides that, many influencers from other video sharing platforms have joined with ChainFlix, such as:
쪼만한마을jjomanhan 381,000 subs
옴므 310,000 subs
스타티 107,000 subs
YUKA-CHANNEL 187,000 subs.
And there are more than 700 Flixer channels that are activating on the ChainFlix platform now. We hope we can cooperate and become sustainable partners in the future.