Strategic Alliance between Chainflix and Media National Journey. Cooperation to build a continuous win-win cooperation model

Jampick, the holding company of blockchain-based video streaming platform ‘Chainflix’, announced that on the 5th, Jampick became a strategic partnership with the ‘Media National Journey’ to establish a win-win cooperation model. Then, they signed an MOU on the 7th.

The ‘Media National Journey’ is a national campaign designed with the goal of creating a map of Korea’s media dynamism by producing 100 content by 100 celebrities and artists to help small businesses who are in crisis due to Corona 19 can gain strength. Media Contents Car ‘Romantic Car’ specially produced by the Organizing Committee for the National Tour of Korea visits local traditional markets, alleyways, and island roads in the nationwide singing contest method to produce various content such as local theme music, videos, and pictures. It aims to promote the beauty of Korea to the world along with the activation and plans to connect the introduction and sale of special products through live commerce.

’Chainflix’ is a next-generation blockchain-based video streaming platform that has been successfully commercialized with a distributed storage patent that is the most important feature of web 3.0.

The difference between Chainflix and others is that Chainflix is a user-centric platform that provides fair rewards so that all users can create an ecosystem of the platform together. Everyone including content creators and viewers, and storage providers that store uploaded videos, can receive rewards. Chainflix presents in 179 countries around the world

Nam Gi-Young, chairman of the Media National Journey, said, “I am delighted to have entered into a strategic partnership with ‘Chainflix’, which has infinite potential for future expansion. We will actively promote various on/offline events”

Oh Jeong-Seok, CEO of Jampick Co., Ltd., said, “I am happy to promote Korea; a beautiful country, and contribute to the globalization campaign through collaboration between the ‘Media National Journey’ and ‘Chainflix’. We will provide the best services to support celebrities, creators, and aspiring people can make the best content through ‘Chainflix’.

The two sides plan to operate the official channel of the ‘Media National Journey’ through the Chainflix platform.

Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform

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