Chainflix signed MOU with TVT Enter for developing Vietnam market

Dear Chainflix community members.

Today, November 24, 2021, the CEO of Jampick (the holding company of Chainflix platform), Mr. Oh Jeong-Seok, and CEO of TVT Enter, Mr. Can Thuong, signed a memorandum to become partners.
TVT Enter helps Chainflix grow the community and find excellent content creators in Vietnam for the Chainflix platform.

Mr. Oh Jeong Seok hopes that “TVT Enter will make more efforts to promote Chainflix to grow in Vietnam. Jampick hopes this cooperation will be a premise for Chainflix to go far not only in Vietnam but also in the Southeast Asia market.”
TVT Enter’s side said, “Becoming a partner of one of the potential platforms is an opportunity as well as a great challenge for the company. TVT Enter will make every effort to ensure the rights and interests of the Vietnam community. Simultaneously, TVT Enter will actively promote searching for people who create good and interesting content for the Chainflix platform. TVT Enter is looking forward to receiving the support of the community.

TVT Enter and Chainflix have become official partners.
We hope the Chainflix market in Vietnam will be further promoted.

Best regards
Chainflix Team

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