Chainflix, a patented Distributed Storage platform, signed MOU with Maxpia ICT, a mining company with brilliant technologies

2 min readMay 24, 2022


[Photo provided by Jampick Co., Ltd.] Chainflix CEO Oh Jeong-Seok (right) and Maxpia ICT CEO Lee Young-Ho (left) signed an MOU for data technology development based on blockchain

Chainflix platform, a distributed storage-based P2P video streaming platform that is developed by Jampick Co Ltd, announced on the 20th that they signed an MOU with Maxpia ICT to develop data technologies based on the blockchain.

Maxpia ICT holds the largest share of domestic mining of Filecoin, an IPFS blockchain of Protocol Labs of the US, over 47% of total Filecoin is mined in Korea. Maxpia ICT is a company with extensive experience in manufacturing and operating 10,000 mining machines. Maxpia ICT experts said, “By using FPGA semiconductors, no company in the world can surpass Maxpia in terms of efficiency for mining FileCoin”

Chainflix is one of the video streaming platforms that has been successfully commercialized, and we got a patent for Web 3.0 distributed storage. CEO Oh Jeong-Seok of ‘Chainflix’ said that rather than competing in the centralized platform market environment dominated by global dinosaur companies such as ‘YouTube’ and ‘Twitch’. We have focused on building a blockchain ecosystem that can provide fair policies and good experience, and continues to grow, receiving widespread love from 183 countries around the world.

Lee Young-ho, CEO of Maxpia ICT, said, “It is very meaningful to work with ‘Chainflix,’ which has successfully commercialized distributed storage. I am very happy when I experienced it and it works stable”

Mr. Oh Jeong-seok said, “Maxpia ICT is the national representative of Korea as a mining company. I am happy to apply Maxpia ICT’s technology to Chainflix”. He expected the technology will be applied soonest.

‘Chainflix’ is ‘Maxpia ICT’ through IDC facilities of overseas centers distributed in various countries around the world such as Korea, the United States, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We plan to provide a more advanced Korean blockchain service to users around the world by strengthening the stability and security of various new services such as live, webinars, and NFTs




Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform

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